Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts
11:11 Presents

Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts

All Ages
Doors 5:30pm/Show 6:00pm

Blending elements of soul, rock, and neo-mysticism, Parker Brown and his newly re-formed trio bring listeners an experience equal parts groove, exuberance, and contemplation. These guys have played together in jazz combos, acoustic sessions, funk, rock and country bands for years; and this aged integration becomes apparent in the contagious energy of their shows. You may jump for joy and you also might cry as you partake in the dappled sounds of Brown and his buddies.


Parker Brown, vox/guitar

Erik Olson, piano/bass

Keller Paulson, percussion

"Brown’s songwriting is quite remarkable; he can tell a story in a way I’ve not heard a lot of since those heady days of the Brill Building."

Rocking Magpie UK

Venue Information:
Yellowstone Valley Brewing
2123 1st Ave N
Suite C
Billings, MT, 59101